Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator * How to meditate * Custom Programs

Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator * How to meditate * Custom Programs

Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator * How to meditate * Custom ProgramsMindfulness & Meditation Facilitator * How to meditate * Custom ProgramsMindfulness & Meditation Facilitator * How to meditate * Custom Programs

Helping individuals achieve wellness through  Meditation,  Emotional Freedom Techniques,  HeartMath,  

   ... Harmony  and  Balance 

Neil Goodman, Certified Meditation Coach


My Experience

There are many wonderful teachers in our area that facilitate Mindfulness classes ! There are EFT and HeartMath Practitioners doing great healing work as well !  I believe my programs are unique in that they include: EFT, Heart Coherence and the foundation of Mindfulness - into 'one' powerful program... And the cost of such a program is unmatched in the field of Healing and Stress- Management techniques ! ...

Discussion on Cable Channel 16 regarding Mindfulness:


After 25 years of facilitating meditation programs, I decided to alter direction. Now, I also share my ideas with teams of clinicians as well as Veteran's with PTSD. My ramp-up process is designed to empower individuals and groups to embrace a sustainable 

Stress-Reduction process in the form of daily Mindfulness practices, 

Emotional Freedom Techniques along with HeartMath for health and wellness...

William James, often considered to be the father of American psychology, is quoted as saying, "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." I've heard it said: "If you want to know what thoughts you have been thinking, just look at your present life!" This idea also stems from biblical writings: 'Who among us by worrying can add a single hour to our lives ... Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.'

Recent projects:  De-Stress workshops for our military at the Ft. Belvoir USO;  A special workshop for 22 clinicians at the Gesundheit Institute in W. Virginia - for Patch Adams;  Classes for prisoners at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center;  Workshops for Veteran's at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center;  Workshops for Veteran's at the D.C. Veteran's Hospital; Three hour workshop for 15 Social Workers in Leesburg, VA;  Two -'Introduction's to Mindfulness' with similar teams of Clinical Social Workers at Ft. Belvoir, VA.;  Ongoing workshops for the N.VA Library System,  local Sunrise Senior Centers,  

OLLI-GMU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - Fairfax and Loudoun campuses

    (References available upon request - also see Reviews & Evaluations below)

[Note: I am also known as Kneel Good'man, NCW.  (-address is Burning Bush Court - perhaps there's some kind of a connection there?)  'Kneel' represents a somewhat humble and spiritual approach to teaching. We all have our licenses, certifications, degrees and lifetime achievements. Many of us have sacrificed a great deal to obtain these titles. However, for me personally, when it comes right down to it NCW stands for

 "No Credentials Whatsoever". What really matters is that we share our talents and abilities to serve each other. This is my core belief.]

Peace Corps in Nepal

Why Me?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we too are choosy. I want to give each client the time and guidance they deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner / coach or a special skillset or tools like mindfulness, call me today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. 

I didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

My credo: "Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are. Always do your best."  I will always strive to live 'mindful' of this tenet. I remain a student of LIFE, very grateful for all the blessings, teachers and even the challenges that have shaped and continue to shape my life. 

In his Book, "Full Catastrophe Living," Jon Kabat-Zinn states; "We have only moments to live."  I did some research: we have 86,400 moments per day to choose a better way!   

Are you 'mindful' of your choices? 

 I'll help you prepare for the journey which patiently awaits your arrival. 

Once again, my belief is that we have come here for a higher purpose: to share our talents and work together for our healing and the healing of our planet. Only then will we discover our potential and be introduced to the true SELF.

Together, we will practice Mindfulness as we become far more aware of the choices we make - every hour of every day...

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My Approach

I am a Certified Meditation Instructor through The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, a Reiki Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Massage Therapist and Life Coach who has positively impacted the lives of clients and friends. I have taught popular programs at local hospitals, clinics, yoga studios, health clubs, educational institutions, religious organizations, libraries, book stores, at corporate sites as well as 

private and group sessions in homes... 

Through the development of numerous 'soft-skills' curriculum's along with my serving in Vietnam, my training and experiences have assisted me in delivering successful 

life-changing programs...

I have helped hundreds of individuals to organize, not only their offices and desks, but also their lives - through balance and development of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual health.

*My Mindfulness classes incorporate several exercises and experiences with an introduction to EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), which is like acupuncture for the emotions - along with HeartMath - visit: HeartMath.com

A quote by Mark Twain: "Everyone talks about the weather 

but nobody does anything about it!" 

    ...I would like to believe that I inspire future "climate-changers."

upcoming events - workshops & classes


February, 2020 - MINDFULNESS w/EFT basics & Heart Coherence

*Fairfax County Adult Detention Center - every Thursday; 1 - 3 PM

        ... are you sure you want to attend?

*Sunrise Senior Center - by Fair Oaks Hospital - every Tuesday, 11 - 12 PM

February 8th  &  22nd - at Chantilly Public Library:  10:30 AM - 1 PM

       .... bring water and a friend!

A special note of Thankfulness: I wish you all a healthy, warm, happy and peaceful Holiday Season. We have so much to be grateful for! With the holidays behind us and a new decade here, we remember the people that have cared for and prayed for us - as we return our gratitude to family, friends and those that are in need of our prayers ... I pray that 2020 will initiate a time of healing - where political parties no longer divide us. If we can learn to listen to our hearts instead of the Media (-or the resounding chatter in our minds), we may be able to find common ground. This is my prayer for our Nation.  

      ... not a lecture, just a thought!

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